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For many years now, we are active in the world of wine, always looking for the ultimate expression of a grape, a terroir, a tradition, a personality. We have explored vineyards and visiting producers, first as wine lovers, later on as agents and importers as well. Thanks to manyfold contacts, we were able to gain respect and build good relationships, which allowed us to have access to many known and sought-after domains, but also to discover new or little known high quality producers.

Here you will presumably find well known wines, but we also want you to join us to regions and wine growers which perhaps haven't come to your attention yet. We search for the most representative wines by region, but we are also open for other, more individual, atypical approaches. Of course, all products must meet our strict criteria. We expect wines to be clean, pure, perfectly crafted and well-balanced. The focus here is on wines from France and Italy, but many wines from other countries will also be covered in the future.

The most talented winegrowers often work according to organic or biodynamic methods, or methods producing wines which are called "natural wines". Our product range covers a great deal of such wines, which may or may not be certified by a controlling party. A producer might, for example, refuse to use copper sulphate, even though this is compulsory in order to get certified. Another reason may be to avoid the administrative overhead of the certification process. We are aware of how a wine grower works, which for us suffices. Every wine on topwinesonly.com is imported straight from the producer and kept in optimal conditions.

Topwinesonly.com's aim is to offer wines to a wide audience of private customers for the purpose of private consumption. Restaurants and resellers are kindly requested to contact us personally.
Yours truly,
Werner Van Damme